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Experience Worcester Parks

Worcester has 60+ city parks, replete with opportunity to adventure, to entertain, and to enjoy. Park Spirit works to program the parks, creating interesting opportunities and events to experience your parks in new ways. We also work to promote the parks, and the resources and opportunities that are inherent and exist to be enjoyed by anyone at any time. 


Bancroft Tower at Salisbury Park

We open historic Bancroft Tower at Salisbury Park to the general public every Sunday in October. Join us for an inside-look at the Tower and one of the most spectacular views that Worcester has to offer. 

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The East-West Trail

We support and promote the East-West Trail, Worcester's cross-city, 14-mile hiking experience that connects 20 green spaces using city streets for a challenging trek through Worcester's hills.

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Newton Hill at Elm Park

The 40-acre section of Elm Park has been transformed over the past two decades into one of the best maintained green spaces. It features a number of unique park ammentities that are ripe to be experienced.